Monday, August 4, 2008

Back in Mexico!

I'msitting around digesting lunch on a sunny monday afternoon in Ensenada, the boat is on its first major trip since our stint in drydock, and most of the items on the fix-it list are done. Currently we are using the internet connection at the Marina Coral Hotel in Ensenada so here are some high res photos cronicaling our adventure from Long Beach to San Diego to Todos Santos to here. After Wednesday we will be using the satellite connection to upload images which requires us to be a bit more frugal, so enjoy.

Point Loma in the mid afternoon of Friday the 1st, as we depart San Diego, not much in the way of good sailing wind but we managed to motor sail most of the way to the Coronado's for a quick snorkel dive and some bird watching.

Middle Rock at the Coronado Islands, a series of fairly small and uninhabited Islands belonging to Mexico that actually lie just north of the border off San Diego. This little white washed island represents the furthest known breeding location for Brown Boobies that we know of. It also attracts all sorts of other birds which are rarely seen that far north anywhere else.

Shown in the first picture is; to the best of my investigating, a Brown morph of a Red Footed Boobie Sula sula along with a Blue Footed Boobie Sula nebouxii with a Brandt's Cormorant Phalacrocorax penicillatus in the background.

Picture two is a Blue Footed Boobie handing out on a rock.

Picture three is Boobie right after takeoff.

Picture four is a a rock covered in... Cormorants.

Im still behind by one day worth of cool stuff and good photos, more comming.
Stay tuned,


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