Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Out of Drydock!

So Its been a while since the Alguita has been on any blog worthy adventures and we finally got one on the return trip from an overdue haul out in San Diego. 

We left on the Sunday of 4th of July weekend through a maze of zigzagging sailboats and powerboats of all shapes and sizes. Once we finally got clear of the kelp beds off Point Loma we set a coarse for the state park near San Onofre where we planned on surfing that night. 
 Everything was business as usual when suddenly I saw a whale spout to our inside, and it was huge! A group of Blue Whales, the first I have ever personally seen; I would estimate 6-8 of them in a range of sizes were circling what appeared to be a giant school of small fish made evident by all the diving birds in the middle of the whales giant circle. We were never close enough to these animals to get any pictures of them but it was a fascinating site to see so many of the largest animal on this planet so close to shore and right of San Diego! 
 We couldn’t linger too long, it was getting later in the afternoon and we needed to make the state beach before sunset to drop anchor and surf. The surf mission was most successful and both the Captain and myself surfed until dark when we picked up anchor and headed back for long beach. 

We have been busy with a combination of boat maintenance and lab work that seems at times endless however, look for new blog posting during our 3 week trip to Mexico starting in August.


The first two pictures are of the Alguita being dropped back into the water with a new bottom paint lob and a lot of touch up and cleaning, this lift is the only one in southern California (at the least) that can pick her up, and with only a few inches to spare on each side at that. 

The other picture is a dredge, which was at that time sitting not too far south of the state beach, where we surfed that night.

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