Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pt San Miguel

So we just got out of the water after motoring over pre dawn to surf point san miguel at first light. Decent waves and completely to ourselves both Charlie and myself got some good rides and some nice hollow little chest high tubes. Im posting up a picture of the surf break but it was take after we got out and the tide came up too much for how small a swell it is to really show anything impressive.

The other pictures are of a Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias, that used our front railing for a rest stop yesterday evening while we were tied up in port at Marina Coral. It was gracious enough to sit around while i took its picture a few times and since we still have high speed internet im posting the three best ones


We depart this evening for Cabo Colnett, the area of of interest for our Mexican colleges where we will be preforming bottom grabs in hopes of using polycheate worms in the sediments as an indicator species, showing changes in the levels of toxins (pop,s heavy metals etc) in the area prior to a possible major development project.

More on this later, as work begins.


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