Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day Two!

Day Two, Activities

Today we took a noon sight of the sun using the sextant. Lorena filtered seawater for 3 hours to get enough for a column to run in her gas chromatography, mass spectrometer back at the University of the Pacific, and we dove and collected a moon jelly to look at in the tank. We are north of point Conception. Our noon position was 34 23 N. 122 01 W. While we were stopped for water filtering, several young fin whales swam close to the boat and gave us a good look.

Aloha from ORV Alguita

Dia Dos, Actividades

Hoy sacamos un altitud del sol a medio dia para confirmar nuestro posicion de 34 23 N. 122 01 W. Lorena Rios filtraba agua por 3 horas en una columna para analizar en su laboratorio. Nadamos y sacamos una medusa "luna" para inspeccionar. Cuando estabamos parados filtrando agua, nos redearon varios ballenas "fin." Fue impresionante.

Aloha del barco Alguita

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