Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 16

Noon Position : 21°36'21.60"N 156°56'9.60"W


We are about 65miles from Oahu, and will be pulling into the fuel dock Ala Wai Habor and then we will dock at Kewalo Basin. The night watch team is geared up to be extra attentive as we approach the thick boat traffic surrounding the islands.

We caught our first male Mahi today, making that Mahi number 10 of the trip. We found 2 puffer fish in its stomach, and no plastic upon initial analyses.

We had a 7th crewmember for the last half of the day…a stubborn and economical Booby. He(or she) decided to not fly back to Hawai’i, but to catch a ride aboard the Alguita. He positioned himself atop the gantry for a while preening and scoping for flying fish. After a few hours, the back deck became soiled with Booby droppings and Jeff decided it was time to encourage the bird to fly off. And it did…to the bow of the boat where he stood his ground for another ½ hour or so. After some more encouragement to get on his way, he flew up and perched atop the boom and proceeded to soil the mainsail.

Our time in Honolulu will be monopolized with the many errands we need to handle, so you’ll hear from us again on Monday or so when the whirlwind of tasks (and some decompresson time) is over.

Family and friends, we are back in cell phone range so give us a call! Aloha from the Islands, Nicole

Tamara, Thanks for passing on the stuff from Sarah and congrats on the award! We’ll do what we can to get you some plastic/seawater samples for you!!

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Drewf said...

Hey Nicole. So we totally saw this chick that looked like you the other day at Taco Surf. She was half black, we think, had a bunch of weird moles and freckles everywhere, but she totally looked like you when she was sitting at a certain angle. Lindsay and Melissa disagreed with me though.

I'm having fun keeping up on your voyage and reading about everything that you do. Have a good time on land!