Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day Two!

Noon Position: 31°49'26.40"N, 119°20'42.00"W

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the family, friends and fellow ocean enthusiasts who made it to the Alguita send off yesterday! It was the perfect way to begin our 6 week journey!

Today is our first full day at sea and the crew is still getting used to the swing of things. We are running on paired 4 hours watches. Only one case of sea-sickness so far and we’ve spotted some awesome wildlife! This morning the crew saw four Fin Whales roughly 100 yards of the starboard stern of the vessel, and one more whale who was a little too far from the boat for us to identify high spout.

Lucky for us, we had some great grocery shoppers for the Alguita-it’s full any kind of food you can imagine! Last night the crew had stuffed mushroom and a fresh green salad. This morning we woke up to a homegrown boysenberry cobbler cooking in the oven. As many of you saw at the send-off, the deck is full of delicious fresh produce; we have everything from kale to chocolate persimmons to snack on.

We are motor sailing for the time being, and cruising at an average speed of about 8.0knots, using our precious fuel to leave the calm and enter into the northerly winds.

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Anonymous said...

Hope it has been smooth sailing so far. This is Nicole's dad just dropping a line to wish you all well and fair seas. Nicole My email keeps getting bounced back.

srchief said...

Jeff said that we would be able track the voyage with some new graphic display through the website or the blog. We cannot find such a feature. Can you tell us how you are progressing into the trade winds and give us a daily posit?

srchief said...

Jeff and Charlie,
The Ventura County Star local paper printed a nice article with lots of Jeff's pictures from the interview that you two did by phone the day you left. The local am station on 1520 was also discussing you two and the expedition of the ORV Alguita. Your famous in Ventura. Kathe wants to try to get you on Oprah. I would pay to see that interview. I won't hold my breath.

jeanne Gallagher said...

Cheerio Gang.....Avast thar, crew!!!! Shiver me timbers and all that sea rot.

It sure sounds like you are doing just fine so far. We miss you already and wish we were on this great voyage with you. Will keep the home fires glowing.....


Anonymous said...

I love you Christiana! This is your favorite person in the whole world. I've been keeping up with you. Post some more pics with you in them. Be Good Gang! Have fun and enjoy the stars!

Paul said...

Hi Christiana!
I am so proud of you and extremely impressed! All my best to you and the other scientists! I appreciate the much needed research you are all conducting! May God bless and protect you and the rest of the crew! Fondly, Paul Suzuki

Anonymous said...

That fruit looks magnificant!!!!