Sunday, January 10, 2010

Captain Moore Gains Media Coverage while Lecturing on the East Coast

Captain Moore spoke on Maine's Public Radio this week after being on Colbert Nation Tuesday 1/6/10 and presenting at the MERI Ocean Environment Lecture Series in Maine on 1/8/10.

The Captain has a full dance card while traveling up and down the east coast lecturing. He will be at it again on 1/11 at the Beacon Academy Lecture Series. On January 12th, he will present at the Marine Science Center at Northeastern University Nahant, Massachusetts. Last, but not least, the Captain will be at UNCWilmington presenting in the Lumina Theatre, Student Fisher Center on the university campus. A scientific poster session will pregame his lecture. All are free and open to the public so go and find yourself a seat!

If you can't make it, you could go to and learn more about this issue. It's Algalita and Marcus Erikson's latest initiative. It's loaded with info and is a very cool site. Marcus and Anna - you rock!

Captain Moore Entertains While Schools Colbert on Plastic Pollution

Captain Charlie Moore defended our oceans on Comedy Central and won. Great job Charlie. Thank you Stephen Colbert for letting Charlie loose!

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